DepthCurrent sum of messages in memory on disk (i.e. the “backlog” of messages pending delivery) 当前消息数:内存和硬盘转存的消息数,即当前的积压量
Memory + Disk内存和硬盘分别积压的消息数
In-FlightCurrent count of messages delivered but not yet finished (FIN), requeued (REQ) or timed out 当前未完成的消息数:包括发送但未返回FIN/重新入队列REQ/超时TIMEOUT 三种消息数之和,代表已经投递还未消费掉的消息
DeferredCurrent count of messages that were requeued and explicitly deferred which are not yet available for delivery. 重新入队的延迟消息数,指还未发布的重入队消息数量,即未消费的定时(延时)消息数
RequeuedTotal count of messages that have been added back to the queue due to time outs or explicit requeues.重新入队列的消息数
Timed OutTotal count of messages that were requeued after not receiving a response from the client before the configured timeout. 已重入队列但按配置的超时时间内还收到响应的消息数
MessagesTotal count of new messages recieved since node startup. 节点启动后的所有新消息总数,真正的消息次数
ConnectionsCurrent number of connected clients. 客户端连接数
Client HostClient ID (hostname) and on-hover the connection remote-address.客户端的主机名及端口
ProtocolNSQ protocol version and client user-agent. NSQ协议版本和客户端nsq版本信息
AttributesTLS and AUTH connection state. 传输层安全和认证连接的状态
NSQd HostAddress of the nsqd node connected to nsqd. 节点的地址
In-flightNumber of messages sent on a connection which are not yet Finished or Requeued. 当前未完成的消息数:包括发送但未返回FIN/重新入队列REQ/超时TIMEOUT 三种消息数之和.
Ready CountMax number of messages that can be in-flight on this connection. This is controlled by a client’s max_in_flight setting. 本次连接的最大能未完成的消息数,可由客户端的 max_in_flight 参数控制,ready count比较重要,go的客户端是通过设置max-in-flight 除以客户端连接数得到的,代表一次推给客户端多少条消息,或者客户端准备一次性接受多少条消息,谨慎设置其值,因为可能造成服务器压力,如果消费能力比较弱,rdy建议设置的低一点
FinishedSum of Finish (FIN) responses. 完成的消息数,即返回FIN的消息数
RequeuedSum of Requeue (REQ) responses. 重新入队的消息数,即返回REQ的消息数量
MessagesCount of messages sent to this connection. 发送到本客户端的总消息数

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